Watch Katy Perry's Powerful Inauguration Night Performance

Celebrating America Primetime Special

Celebrating America Primetime Special

Yesterday was a historical day in the United States as we celebrated the inauguration of our 46th president, Joe Biden.

While all of the official ceremonies took place in the morning, celebrations continued throughout the day - concluding with a spectacular performance from my FAVORITE, Katy Perry.

Not only did Katy look incredible - HELLOOOO that ivory look was everything - she also sounded better than ever and her entire performance was accompanied by a massive firework display, while the new President, Vice President and others looked on (from a verrrry COVID-safe distance.)

If you missed Katy's performance of 'Firework', you can watch the powerful moment below:

Katy's performance and the firework display was such a beautiful ending to a day that will go down in US history forever. Of course, inaugurating a new president, but also Kamala Harris, who is the nation's first female vice president, as well as the first Black American and first person of South Asian descent to serve as VP.

Ahead of Katy's performance, she teased a couple microphones on Instagram while it appeared she was deciding which to use. One was sleek white, one bedazzled to look like the American flag, another silver with sparkly stars, and the fourth looks like what the Statue of Liberty holds. In the end, it looks like Katy went with the American flag mic, as you can see in her performance!

Don't worry! She also gave us a better look at her sleek outfit and make up look, as well as including a picture with her fiance Orlando Bloom in a carousel on Instagram:

The only question I have it - did Katy and Orlando's daughter Daisy Dove travel with her parents to the nation's capitol to watch her mom perform? She is only about 5 months old, so she may have been a little too young for those fireworks!

Congratulations on an incredible performance, Katy!

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