Twitter May Expand Tweet Reaction Options With Different Emojis



Have you ever seen a Tweet on Twitter that you so badly wanted to interact with or react to, but the "like" option didn't feel like the right way to respond?

Well, soon there may be a better emoji reaction option for exactly those situations.

Twitter is reportedly looking into expanding the simple "like" button (which is a little heart under the tweet and it adorably shoots confetti out of it when you press it) into many different reaction options - similar to the way Facebook has added reactions versus a simple "like" or "dislike."

PEOPLE reports that Twitter users have seen in-app polls about possibly expanding the reactions to things like "agree," "disagree," "awesome," and "funny."

One user caught the in-app poll and shared a screenshot of it, wondering if these could be new features being tested out.

I think that the addition of a "sad" reaction is actually a great idea, so often we see people sharing stories about loved ones they have lost or having anxiety or a bad day... but sometimes "liking" those tweets doesn't feel adequate.

I think that since there is often a lot of healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) debating on Twitter, the options to "agree" or "disagree" without having to respond to the Tweet could also be beneficial. But I mostly like the option to respond with "funny" or "awesome" or "sad" because those express better how I feel about something rather than a simple "like" which can mean a million different things.

If YOU had the choice - would you want all of these different reaction options on Twitter? If you could change any of the options they are considering, would you pick something else?

I'm so curious if people will be afraid to Tweet opinions if the blatant option to "disagree" is there. But I also think that's exactly the kind of place that Twitter is!

Yap me with your thoughts below and maybe we can ultimately help Twitter to decide which route to go!

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