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A Dating App Has Been Developed That Only Works One Day A Week!

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Imagine only dating ONE DAY A WEEK?

Thursday was launched last year in order to make dating less complicated!

Thursday is the name of the dating app and you can only use it on Thursdays!

The hope is that by narrowing down the app to one day…it gives users a sense of urgency to organize a date right away and cut down on small talk.

A couple who met on the app in January are now living together and said they enjoyed the spontaneity of it.

It has been downloaded 750,000 times in the last nine months… so it’s picking up some buzz.

You can only log in on Thursday’s and can only commit to a date on Thursdays!

This keeps your weekends free and let’s face it we’re all already in weekend-mode come Thursday nights. It makes the perfect date night!

So, if you’re single download this app and give it a try tomorrow!

How do we feel about Thursday dates? And how do we feel about a dating app you can’t use 6 days a week?

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