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Here's Your Drink Of The Summer!

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This weekend is going to feel like Summer with this heatwave rolling through So Cal, so it may be the perfect time to give this a try!

Remember Shirley Temples? I have memories of ordering these at restaurants when I was a kid on special occasions.

Well, the official drink of the Summer of ’22…is The Dirty Shirley! It’s basically the OG drink from our childhood but the boozy version!

As with most trends, this drink took off on TikTok with recipe tutorials.

Surprisingly simple, the drink consists of five ingredients you likely already have on your bar cart.

A shot or two of vodka in a tall glass with ice, topped with sprite, a shot of grenadine, and a maraschino cherry!

Don’t want it as sweet?? Try making it with soda water instead of Sprite!

Some say this is a result of influencers moving home during the pandemic, now returning to the city and looking to combine childhood nostalgia and adulthood in a glass.

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