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This 3-6-9 Manifestation Method Is Trending on TikTok!

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If there’s something you’ve been wanting to happen, some people believe that you can make it happen by manifesting it into reality.

I will forever claim that I manifested my twins!

Well recently, something called the “3 6 9 manifestation method” has started trending on TikTok as a way to achieve your goals or make something specific happen to or for you.

There are a few different versions of it…

One Method - write your manifestation down three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening.

Another Method - If it is specific to getting someone to contact you. You’re supposed to write the person’s name three times, then write the intentions you have for that person six times, then write what you want them to say to you nine times.

Does it work? Many TikTokers claim it does!

You know who really started this trend though… way before TikTok…. Lil Jon in his song “Get Low” with his opening lyrics “3-6-9 damn you fine”.

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