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Would You Pay Hundreds for Dirty Sneakers?

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The younger generation is gravitating toward Golden Goose Shoes. These shoes are the shoes that are purposefully designed to look scuffed and dirty!

Supposedly, it’s supposed to show off their “nonchalant attitude”.

I remember a time when dirty-looking shoes had their moment with millennials.

These shoes started gaining attraction among Gen Z last summer and really took off in 2024.

Now, people are paying hundreds for "dirty" looking shoes.

Some people are arguing that buying second-hand shoes makes the most sense.

Others are saying “They come dirty, so I don’t care when I get them dirty.”

I'm not sure i'f I'd want to wear shoes that look so dirty.

My white shoes will naturally become dirty but I usually clean them so they don't look as bad.

What are your thoughts?

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