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"Grey's Anatomy" Brings Back Major Character in Season Premiere


Grey's Anatomy returned Thursday night with a supersized 2 hour season premiere that found the doctors battling COVID-19. The show featured many scenes with Meredith Grey calling the families of loved ones lost to Covid and the very real struggles that our health care workers are dealing with today.

Gotta be honest, I was NOT ready for the last 3 minutes of the show! We see Meredith collapse in the parking lot of the hospital, then a dream sequence with Meredith on the beach. Meredith hears something off in the distance and who does she see waving at her??? DEREK MCDREAMY SHEPHERD!! HOLY MOLY.

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey talked to Deadline about the reunion saying that they met for a hike and a long talk and knew it was a no brainer to bring Derek back.

Dempsey tells Deadline, "We hadn’t spoken or been together for a while. It was a great opportunity to catch up and say, OK, what can we do for all the frontline responders? I’ve been tracking what Grey’shad been doing with giving masks, and making sure that people had the right equipment, and it came from that place — OK, what can we do to make people feel better, to give some comfort in this time of uncertainty, and that’s how it began."

And yes, this was as much of a surprise to the Grey's fans as it was to the cast and production. To throw everyone off, the original script had Meredith seeing her mom on the beach.

You can read more about how they pulled everything off HERE

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