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Shop Tall Cathy's Closet at Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Gotta say, I LOVE a good shopping trip. I also LOVE to save money! On a recent shopping trip at Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the Castle Shannon, I found some pretty great stuff. A gap sweater, a maxi dress that's actually long enough to fit me AND a brand new pair of Minnetonkas.

A little about Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Every year, the Council serves more than 100,000 neighbors in need through a variety of direct services including clothing, furniture, housing, utility assistance, food, medical care, and transportation. The thrift stores serve as outlets for clothing and household items to needy individuals and families referred to by local Conferences. Additionally, income earned from store sales and recycling operations undertaken by the warehouse supports our assistance programs.

So when you shop, not only are you snagging great deals BUT you're also helping out our Pittsburgh neighbors. While I was in store, I plucked a ton of stuff from the racks that I thought you would enjoy. They're all up for your shopping enjoyment right now at ESHOPPITTSBURGH.COM

Like this flutter sleeve tee:

I also donated some items from my personal closet. A few things with the tags still on and a few things that have some real sentimental value to me.

Like this soft denim pearl snap GAP shirt that I wore when I met Justin Bieber, I LOVED this shirt. Sadly, it just doesn't fit anymore.

A party dress that I wore to VEGAS!

And this BRAND NEW, TAGS STILL on dress that I bought from ASOS. I bought it for a Miami trip and never go around to wearing it.


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