Miley Cyrus Pulled A T.Swift With All The Easter Eggs In "Slide Away" Video


Miley Cyrus' music video for her single "Slide Away" has arrived and it's FILLED with Easter eggs, just like our girl Taylor Swift does. So, first off the lyrics to this song are very telling and the music video is giving me MAJOR vibes.

This music video has the exact same vibe as her "We Can't Stop" music video. If you remember this was when Miley was in her party girl, twerkin' on stage at the VMAs stage of her life.

But, this time she wasn't involved with the partying going on. She's kinda standing there still while all this chaos is happening around her. The video opens up with alcohol bottles and wine glasses floating in the pool. This is a reference to Liam's alleged struggle with partying.

At minute 1:23 of the music video you see a 10 of hearts under water which could be a symbol or 10 years of love all drowned under water. I'd also like to point out that she's in a gold dress, which to me could symbolize that she is "winning."


The biggest clue of them all...she's constantly floating in the pool. Which water is a symbol of birth and refreshment. Miley in that pool solo at the end of the video could be a symbol of her rebirth after the divorce!

There is nothing I LOVE more than an artists letting us into their lives like this. For that I say, thank you, Miley!


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