Dax Shepard Opens Up About Feeling "Less Than" When He Dated Kate Hudson

Dax Shepard had ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson on his podcast, Armchair Expert, and I had NO idea the two dated back in 2007. Dax said the two of them dated for about three months and that their relationship ended in a, "mutual-esque" way.

But, here's what I really found wildly interesting. Dax admitted he felt "very less than" while they were dating. He said, "I think I was just in the point where I was not going to get hired for movies anymore. I had a bunch that didn't work. And I'm like I don't effing know what's next."

He also added, in regards to Kate, "And you were, at that time, making the most you ever made and having the most opportunity and I felt very much like - I don't know what I'm doing...then I felt all kinds of inadequacy in that position." Super interesting what he opened up about!

Of course this got me thinking, for men - when they are dating, is there a sense of insecurity if his career/professional life isn't where he wants it to be? Is that a major mojo killer when they are dating? Let me know, @TanyaRad on socials.

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