Bryce Dallas Howard's Story Will Restore Your Faith In People


This story will restore your faith in people! Bryce Dallas Howard wasn't able to move after surgery following a "serious injury." She described it as, "Pretty serious injury and I had to get a surgery. I had to do press six days after the surgery, and I could barely walk. I was pretty stressed about it."

She needed to wear compression clothing for her stitches but found herself scrambling to find something that would work for her just days before a premiere. So she called a major department store, didn't say her name, but she talked to a woman who worked in the Spanx department.


Bryce told the employee she wouldn't be able to personally pick them up. The woman said right then and there on the phone, "I'm going to get you those Spanx girl!" This employee walked all the way from the department store to the Upper West Side.

The employee didn't even know her name, but she left them with Bryce's doorman and she wrote this note, "You're going to be beautiful, you feel like a caterpillar right now but you'll be a butterfly." Bryce literally had to wipe her tears away as she was recounting the story. What SWEET story!


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