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A lesson in 'Florida stories' and how to internet

We LOVE talking about weird stories that happen down in the magical state of Florida...we've been doing it on the show for a few years now. 

Now there's a trend online of fake websites just completely making up 'Florida stories' because they know that people will share them like crazy because, for the most part, it's Florida so they're believable. 

It's what's known in politics now as 'fake news'...the sites will take an unrelated mugshot, make up a story, post it and hope people share it as something that really happened. A lot of times the URL will "seem" news themed by using something like or something like that. 

So, now you know and can watch out for things like this online and let other people know when they're sharing something that's not legit.

Below is the latest example of 'Florida fake news' mugshots, just a screen shot that appears to be from a newspaper (even though that can be easily faked too), it's from a newspaper so you have to believe it, right? No. You don't even know what paper it's from, there's no credit to a writer/reporter on It's not real. 

There's plenty more.....that we could go on with but here's a few examples. 

Just....don't believe everything online and check. your. source. 

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