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No, this Florida story isn't all

No, this 'Florida story' isn't real. Stop sharing're better than that. 

At first glance, you should honestly realize that 'CNN Miami' isn't a real thing....let alone the fact that it's not a verified account and only has a few thousand followers and is actually labeled as a 'parody account' when you click on the Twitter page. 

There's no link to a real news site with a real write up on the incident, it's just text with a random picture of a guy that looks kind of crazy. 

There is nothing legit about this at all.....and the sharing of this tweet is why other countries probably look at the U.S. and think 'well, people will believe just about ANYTHING that's  posted online.....LET'S POST ABOUT POLITICS' 

Whether it's political or just a wild story about a guy in Florida and a Dragon Ball Z blanket....just think, real quick, for 2 seconds, before you share something online and this for real and from a legitimate source? 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. 

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