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Mikey and Bob made a 50 minute 'birthing mixtape' for a listener

Here's how this became a thing on our show.....

We got an email from Felicia who listens to our show and always talks about it with her sister, Natalie.

Natalie is pregnant and a little nervous about giving birth and the whole process so....they thought it would be funny if we were both in the delivery room to calm her down and make her laugh. Obviously, jokingly, that wasn't going to happen so we did what we thought was the next best thing....A BIRTHING MIXTAPE!

So, we threw some things together and made Natalie a 50 minute birthing mixtape for her to play whenever she gets a little scared or nervous about giving birth!

We even decided to just share it with!

Birthing mixtape intro for Natalie  - Thumbnail Image

Birthing mixtape intro for Natalie

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