The Morning Freak Show

The Morning Freak Show

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Pro sports mascot power rankings


  1. Gritty
  2. Iceburgh
  3. Pirate Parrot
  4. Orlando Magic’s Stuff
  5. New Orleans Pelicans King Cake Baby


  1. The Pirates Buccaneer from the 90s
  2. Iceburgh
  3. Pirate Parrot
  4. The Pierogi race Pierogies
  5. Gritty

Kellen back at the station:

  1. Iceburgh
  2. Dinger from the Colorado Rockies
  3. Hugo Hornet from the Charlotte Hornets
  4. The Mariner Moose from the Seattle Mariners
  5. Jaxson de Ville of the Jacksonville Jaguars

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