Disney Shares Special Tour Of Orlando's Cinderella Castle Suite On TikTok

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening

Here in Southern California, we have Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland, but this tour is of the castle at Orlando's Walt Disney World. And if you've been to Disney World - or seen it on TV or in photos - then you know what Cinderella's Castle in the center of the park looks like. Right? Right.

But have you ever seen the inside of the Cinderella Castle Suite? It's a lot less likely for you to be familiar with because the suite inside the castle is extremely exclusive. The only people who get to stay in the suite are contest winners or special invited guests.

On TikTok recently, the parks actually shared what the interior of the suite looks like for Disney fans who have always wondered what it would be like to actually be inside the castle.

The suite is inside the castle in the center of Magic Kingdom, and the tour on TikTok is narrated by a Disney cast member explaining everything inside.

Check out the tour of the suite for yourself:

Some features of the suite include a magic mirror that plays the animated Cinderella movie on it, the stained glass windows of the suite that tell the story of Cinderella, and the elaborate royal bathroom.

The TikTok tour of the special suite has been viewed over 3.6 million times since it was posted... and that's a LOT. People are clearly wanting to know even more about the suite since it is so exclusive to the regular, everyday guest.

The TikTok is also serving as a go-to place for Disney lovers to get their fill on the parks since Disneyland has been closed since last March, and since Disney World has COVID precautions and a smaller capacity while the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

I know my family definitely misses going to Disneyland - the kids haven't been in since we took a trip there weeks before the world shut down! Looking forward to our first trip back when it is safe.

What do you miss most about Disneyland?

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