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The Gobble Gobble, Kids Changing Your Life, and Being a Grinch

Disneyland in the Rain and BIG Thanksgiving Plans

Sisanie had an EVENTFUL day at Disneyland in the rain this week! Plus, Erica shares that a very special guest is coming to Thanksgiving this year. And Sisanie shares tips for gifts for your host for Thanksgiving! We hope you all have a VERY happy Thanksgiving!

Forgiveness, Excitement, And Life Lessons

This morning, Sisanie SHOCKS Erica with the news that she JUST had spoken with the one and only... Tom Sandoval. And IS SHE FLIPPING HER STANCE ON HIM? We break it all down in the episode Plus! Sisanie had to deal with the twins' first possibly bullies. And we get a life lesson from Sisanie's dad.

Halloween, Britney, And Burnout

Sisanie survived Halloween with 3 kids under 5 AND a husband with a broken foot... all at a new house on a VERY busy Halloween street! We get a recap of trick-or-treating as well as the horror of running out of candy at her house. Plus, we talk about the new Britney Spears book, and Sisanie shares she has been feeling burnt. out. as the holidays approach!

Michael Joins The Pod! (With A Broken Foot)

Sisanie's husband Michael joins the pod for the first time this week under not so great circumstances: he broke his foot. We get the full story - and hear it from Sisanie's side! - this week. Plus, has he gone overboard with Halloween decorations? And has Sisanie even crafted her costume yet with just days to go?!

Movie Etiquette, Fake Proposals and DIY Costumes

It wouldn't be a Sisanie Halloween if she wasn't DIY'ing her Halloween costume (or someone's in the family). And no, she hasn't exactly started making hers just yet. Plus, she shares details of her entire experience attending the WORLD PREMIERE of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour - where Taylor herself was! And we chat about movie etiquette, airline hacks and could get you in trouble, and a Halloween hack for parents.

Baby Gates, Naked Dating and Destiny's Child

It's been a busy couple of months at home for Sisanie - so much so that she literally forgot if she finished a show we have talked about before or not. But today she's talking about her escape artist 2 year old, kid-friendly furniture and the new show she is intrigued by that involves full nudity. Plus, she and Erica talk mature dating and Sisanie shares a GREAT tip for busy parents!

Las Vegas, Usher's Halftime Show and NFL (Taylor's Version)

Sisanie and Erica have returned from the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas and have a LOT to talk about. And by a LOT, it is mostly Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's new PUBLIC romance. They break down theories, new stats, and Erica admits she... is falling in love with him? Sure. Plus, how Sisanie feels about Usher performing at this coming Super Bowl!

Moving, Turning 40 and LAS VEGAS!

Sisanie is fresh off a weekend of moving houses - and boyyy does it sound like it was chaotic. Plus, she shares her latest thoughts on turning 40, and she and Erica reminisce on her missed flights out of Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Plus, they discuss Katy Perry's music catalog and *NSYNC reunions!

Calvin Harris Gets Married, GUTS, and The Masked Singer

It's a full pop culture round up today with Sisanie and Erica - but first we must address how Sisanie is feeling after her ALL TIME favorite, Calvin Harris, got married. And he didn't just get married - he married a RADIO HOST. Sisanie gives a timeline of her love for Calvin, and questions if it is time to replace the voicemail message. Plus, Sisanie talks new Olivia Rodrigo and Tom Sandoval on The Masked Singer?!