LAUSD Campuses Prepared To Be COVID-19 Vaccine Centers

Hollywood High Teachers Conduct Class Remotely

Hollywood High Teachers Conduct Class Remotely

Here in Los Angeles, there is a LOT of chatter about vaccines, where to get them, and when they will be available to everyone in the Southern California area (and of course, all over the country.)

While we found out that Dodger Stadium would be converted into a vaccination site, as would Disneyland in Anaheim, LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner also just said that all of the LAUSD campuses are ready to go to be centers for the COVID-19 vaccine.

KTLA reported that LAUSD's 900 campuses could be used to get people across the county vaccinated, a move that could speed up both the vaccinations and getting kids back to schools.

Another plus side to using LAUSD campuses as vaccination sites is the hope that it would help get teachers vaccinated quicker. As things currently stand, teachers in the Los Angeles area will be able to start signing up for the vaccine in February. Though of course, that could change based on the amount of the vaccine available, and the amount of sites available for people to get vaccinated at.

However, students are unlikely to receive the vaccine for some time still, as the testing has not been done on kids just yet.

Another plus side of using the LAUSD campuses, should Beutner's suggestion be used, is that people all across the city would have a vaccination center near by and easily accessible for them.

Hearing about all of these centers being set up really brings me a lot of hope for this coming year! It's been such a hard year, and now this is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone stay safe, keep wearing your masks, and help each other out to get through this!

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