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Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Talk Life With Newborn Twins And A Toddler

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You may remember Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk from Arie's season of The Bachelor - and if you don't, then now you do.

The couple actually did not get engaged during Arie's final rose ceremony - instead they broke up and he became engaged to someone else before realizing he was supposed to be with Lauren and went after her before the After the Final Rose special.

And boy did that decision pay off. Arie and Lauren welcomed their daughter Alessi in 2019, and have just last month welcomed boy/girl TWINS, Senna James and Lux Jacob. If you're thinking to yourself that sounds like the reverse to my family situation, then we are on the SAME PAGE here. Obviously my husband and I welcomed twins in 2018, but they're also boy/girl twins, and now we're about to welcome a baby girl!!!

What was so interesting, though, is Lauren and Arie shared the way they are making their sleep schedules work while raising a toddler and newborn twins... and if you're a parent of young kids at all, this tip just might be for you!

Arie shared in the couple's most recent YouTube video that yes, there are moment of chaos, but they also shared how sleeping apart from each other for the time being is helping them handle life with a 2 year old and 2 newborns.

Arie explained that currently, the twins are not on the same eating and sleeping schedule, which makes for a lot of sleepless nights: "One wakes up at 10, then the other one wakes up at midnight, the other wakes up at 2. [Before] you know it, you've gone through the whole night and you haven't slept."

So how they make it work is by trading off nights of one parent sleeping in the nursery:

"We just switch on and off, just to give each other a full night's rest...Then the person who has a full night's rest handles Alessi first thing in the morning. It's working out pretty good."

Arie also shared that the couple stays in tune with what the other needs and makes sure to pick up slack in the moments of time that they cannot do it all. He added: "I think that is what makes us great at [parenting]. We can sense when the other needs a little bit more heavy lifting on the parenting end."

And let me tell you, having a partner who is just as, if not more, hands on than you are is SO key!!! Michael is the best dad and always ready to get up in the night when he knows I have an early morning. Pick your partners wisely, people!

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