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Have You Heard Of "Bare Minimum Mondays"?

Following the "quiet quitting" movement…the latest trend to hit Millennials is "Bare Minimum Mondays."

The idea is for employees to prioritize themselves and their own mental wellbeing over a demanding to-do list, taking it "slow" on the heels of a weekend away from the office.

This trend is all over TikTok with many agreeing that the "hustle culture" contributes to crippling "burnout".

But "Bare Minimum Mondays" can change everything!

The theory is to essentially take it easy on Mondays…you still go to work…but you don’t put so much pressure on yourself to get a lot done! What you accomplish, you accomplish with no pressure. It’s not slacking off…it’s protective self-care.

If you work from home, maybe you spend some time journaling, one woman talked about the creative hour she gives herself right before lunch. And then, she works on her "main work tasks" for a couple of hours.

Some practitioners of Bare Minimum Mondays end up getting more done they planned on! Because the pressure is off!

Obviously, this structure won’t work for everyone but hey…maybe we should all give this Bare Minimum Monday a try! Maybe it’s the first step toward that 4-day workweek we’ve all been waiting for!

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