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This New Bachelorette Weekend Trend Might Be Exactly What You Need!

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My bachelorette was almost 10 years ago! I think it had the perfect amount of relaxation and wild/party vibes that I wanted. It was in Miami and we flew in on red-eye so we spent the first day at the spa which kicked off the trip perfectly after a long flight! Then it was meals and clubs!

But I guess the party scene is out and the wellness is INNNN!

I think it’s because in general, we are all living more health-conscious lives…brides are opting to have wellness retreat bachelorettes parties or non-parties I guess…instead of crazy weekends of debauchery!

They want to go somewhere remote, quiet and beautiful…somewhere where you can focus on your wellness and connect with your friends. They want it to be special and meaningful.

But what is becoming less common is partying and binge drinking and male strippers!

Think of more farm-to-table meals and yoga retreats with detox juicing and nature walks, waterfall tours and “mindfulness mornings,” where the resort practices silence!

Yikes…for me, that being the whole trip is too boring, c’mon ladies… we need at least one night of F.U.N! But to each their own!

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