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This SoCal Airport Was Just Ranked The 'Angriest' Airport In The Country!

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A recent Forbes ranking found that John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana was the "angriest" when analyzing Twitter posts from travelers flying around the US.

· The tweets were all over the place but mainly included sadness, joy, love, anger, fear, and surprise…so that’s what determined the ranking.

· John Wayne was unfavorably ranked due to noise, staff, TSA complaints, and delays.

· But is there ever really a “great” airport experience? Apparently so…there are no angry tweets from travelers who flew through Indianapolis, Seattle-Tacoma and Kansas City.

· I see this as an opportunity for improvement for John Wayne Airport! Also…this is just some silly ranking based off tweets. Everyone overreacts on Twitter. Especially when their angry.

· For example, they have LIVE MUSIC at John Wayne Airport twice a month! They have therapy dogs they bring around the terminals to de-stress travelers…AND great wings and flatbread pizzas at Ducks Breakaway Bar in Terminal C!

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