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Should You Have To Tip At Self-Checkout Machines Now?

Tipping at restaurants…a must! Tipping for carryout, yes, tipping at coffee shops… yes ok!

But self-checkout machines now want you to tip them…and this is where I put my foot down!

Despite having zero interaction with employees during transactions, self-checkout machines at places such as coffee shops, bakeries, airports and sports stadiums are giving customers the option to leave the typical 20% tip.

Business owners believe that the prompt for a tip can boost staff pay and increase gratuities — but as a customer… we have to wonder where and to whom is the money actually going to!

If the owner is saving money by not having to hire someone to check you out…then why tip????

I need to look the person in the eyes and have at least interacted with them in order to leave a tip…that’s my rule moving forward!

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