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Why Isn't Our Favorite Artists Music Available On TikTok Anymore?

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Taylor is on the heels of winning multiple Grammy Awards including Album of the Year…but you may have noticed that some of her music has vanished from TikTok…along with some of our other favorite artists!

So this is what went down… last week, Universal Music Group - which represents big-name artists like Taylor, Olivia Rodrigo, Bad Bunny and Drake - said that it would no longer allow its music on TikTok.

All existing videos that currently use music from these artists have been muted.

UMG says TikTok is not compensating its artists fairly…and is allowing the platform to be flooded with AI-generated recordings.

TikTok argues that UMG is just putting “greed above the interested of their” artists by not allowing them to promote their music on the platform.

Trevor Noah made his feelings known Sunday night at the Grammys…"Shame on you, TikTok, for ripping off artists. That’s Spotify’s job”

I think the big question is: how long will this last?

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