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Have You About This "Exercise Pill"?

Woman and personal trainer making exercise plan in gym

Photo: EmirMemedovski / E+ / Getty Images

This exercise pill sounds too good to be true. Here's everything we know so far!

If you’re tired of working out? There may soon be a pill for that.

A new “exercise pill” could potentially replace some…most?...but not all…of the benefits of working out.

Scientists have spent 10 years trying to replicate the physical effects of exercise, specifically the ability to enhance metabolism and growth, as well as improved muscle performance!!!

A BIG DISCLAIMER IS THAT EXERCISE IS IMPORTANT! If you can exercise, you should go ahead and get the physical activity. But there are so many cases in which a substitute is needed. That’s where this pill comes in!

The pill could help offset the muscle weakness that occurs naturally as we age or for certain genetic conditions or anyone who is unable to do regular physical activity.

So far, they’ve only tested this on mice so don’t get too excited!

More testing needs to be done before the pill can be available for human use.

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